Course Syllabus

Friday 12:00pm-1pm IAB 1101

Dates Presenters Titles Discussant
Sept. 8th Lin Tian / Olle Hammar "Division of Labor and the Extent of the Market: Theory and Evidence from Brazil" / "Global earnings inequality, 1970-2015"
Sept. 15th Lorenzo Lagos "Crediting Violence: Effects of Drug-Related Violence on Commercial Credit" Dario Alberto Romero Fonseca
Sept. 22nd Divya Singh Merging to dodge taxes? Unintended consequences of Value added tax on Indian firms  Qiuying Qu
Sept. 29th

Anouch Missirian / 

Danyan Zha
"Patchiness and Pesticides: Do Farmers Create Ecosystem-Mediated Externalities?"/ 

“Matching with gender norm”

Oct. 6th Qing Zhang

“How elastic is firms’ location choice? Evidence from bunching in the land market”

Hailey Nguyen
Oct. 13th Scott Weiner "Does Moving Increase Mobility? Evidence from the Argentine Military Draft" Arpita Saluja
Oct. 20th Golvine de Rochambeau "Monitor or Trust:  Evidence from Liberia's Transport Sector" Practice Job Talk
Nov. 3rd David Alfaro Serrano "The effect of innovation subsidies in Peru" Gaia Greta Dossi
Nov. 10th Matthieu Teachout "Exporters’ heterogeneity and comparative advantage: evidence from Myanmar" Yining Zhu
Nov. 17th Arpita Saluja / Suanna Oh TBA/"Do gender roles make wives less productive than their husbands?"
Dec. 1st Dieu Hoa (Hailey) Nguyen / Qiuying Qu
Dec.15th Alice Tianbo Zhang

Suanna Oh

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