Course Syllabus

                                                                       PLAN 6930 QUANTITATIVE METHODS


Instructor: Dr. Lance Freeman

Teaching Assistant: Elizabeth Marcello


Class Time: Thursdays 11:00-1:00 p.m.

Class Room: 200 N Buell

Lab time: Thursday 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Lab room: 200 Fayerweather


Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:30-4:30 p.m. or by appointment

Office: 304 Buell Hall

Phone: 212-854-8495

E-mail:; Elizabeth Marcello

Course website: (Log in and this course should be displayed on the screen).


Course Objectives

The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the concepts, techniques and reasoning skills necessary to understand and undertake quantitative research. By the end of the semester students will be able to:

Design a quantitative research proposal

Conceptualize a quantitative statistical model

Estimate a quantitative statistical model

Interpret the results of descriptive analyses, t-tests, chi-square and multivariate regression analyses.

Conduct statistical power analysis.

Students will learn and hone their skills through a combination of attending weekly class meetings, participating in weekly labs, completing written assignments and writing a research paper that tests a hypothesis using quantitative techniques.


Below are texts that we will use for the course. The books can be purchased from the Columbia University bookstore.

Schmuller, Joseph. 2017. Statistical Analysis with R. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.

Meier, Kenneth J., Jeffrey L. Brudney, and John Bohte. Applied Statistics for Public and Nonprofit Administration, 9th edition. Boston: Wadsworth

Berry, William D. and Stanley Feldman. Multiple Regression in Practice. Newbury Park: Sage Publications.

Menard, Scott. Applied Logistic Regression Analysis. Newbury Park: Sage Publications.

Reinhart, Alex. Statistics Done Wrong: The Woefully Complete Guide. No Starch Press.


Course Schedule




R Readings

Assignments Due

1.     9/6

Conceptualizing quantitative research

Applied Statistics Chapters 3



2.     9/13


Applied Statistics Chapter 7, 8


Assignment 1

3.     9/20


Applied Statistics Chapters 10; Statistics done Wrong, Chapter 1

pp. 111-112

Assignment 2

4.     9/27

Inference continued

Applied Statistics Chapters 11, 12



Assignment 3

5.     10/4

Inference continued

Applied Statistics Chapter 13



Assignment 4

6.     10/11

Statistical Power

Applied Statistics Chapter 11 pp. 195-197, Chapter 12 pp. 207-209; Statistics done Wrong, Chapter 2

pp. 174-182

Assignment 5

7.     10/18

Introduction to Regression: Bivariate Regression

Applied Statistics Chapter 17


Assignment 6


8.     10/25





9.     11/1

Regression: Multiple Regression

Applied Statistics Chapter 20


Assignment 7

10.  11/8

Regression: Multiple Regression

Multiple Regression in Practice Chapters 1-4


Research Proposal Due (Read chapters, 7,8 and 9 in Statistics Done Wrong)

11.  11/15

Regression: Multiple Regression

Multiple Regression in Practice Chapters 5 & 6


Assignment 8

12.  11/29

Regression: Multiple Regression extensions

Applied Logistic Regression Analysis Chapters 1 & 2


Assignment 9

13.  12/6


Regression: Multiple Regression extensions

Applied Logistic Regression Analysis Chapters 3 & 4


Assignment 10

14.  12/13

No Class

Final Paper Due (Read chapters 5 and 6 in Statistics Done Wrong)



Homework:                                             60%

Midterm:                                                  20%

Final Paper                                              20%


Note: Homework assignments are due 11:00 a.m. on the day of class. All assignments must be uploaded to Courseworks. Late assignments will not be accepted.




Course Summary:

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