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Class 1) Jan 22. Introduction: New Town to (and from) Smart City
Miles Glendinning, "The New Town Tradition: Past, Present – and Future?" in Henket & Heynen, eds., Back from Utopia: The Challenge of the Modern Movement(2002) 206-15.

2) Jan 29. Urbanization: From Territory to Territoriality

“Modernization,” excerpt

Annapurna Shaw, "Town Planning in Postcolonial India, 1947-65: Chandigarh Re-examined," Urban Geography 30:8 (2009) 857-878.  

3) Feb 5. Metropolis: Chaos and Order

Georg Simmel, "Metropolis and Mental Life," 1908.

Clarence A. Perry, “The Neighborhood Unit, a Scheme of Arrangement for the Family-Life Community,” in Neighborhood and Community Planning (New York: Committee on Regional Plan of New York and Its Environs, 1929), excerpts.  

4)  Feb 12. Unit Discourse: Harlow to Hook, Nagele to Lelystad

John Madge, "The New Towns Program in Britain," Journal of the American Institute of Planners 28: 4 (1962) 208-219.

Gerrie Andela and Koos Bosma, "Lelystad: A New Town," Netherlands Journal of Housing and Environmental Research 2: 2 (1987) 121-139.

Reyner Banham, Paul Barker, Peter Hall, Cedric Price, "Non-Plan Experiment in Freedom," New Society (March, 1969) 435-443. 

*Andrew Homer, "Creating New Communities: The Role of the Neighbourhood Unit in Post-War British Planning," Contemporary British History 14:1 (2000) 63-80.

*Juliana Maxim, "Mass Housing and Collective Experience: On the Notion of Microraion in Romania in the 1950s and 1960s," The Journal of Architecture 14: 1 (2009) 7-26.

*London County Council, The Planning of a New Town (1961) esp. chaps 2, 5, 6.

*Frank Schaffer, "The New Town Movement in Britain," in Golany, ed., International Urban Growth Policies: New Town Contributions (1978) 13-22.

*Guy Ortolano, "Planning the Urban Future in 1960s Britain," Historical Journal 54 (2011) 477–507.

5) Feb 19. Assemblages and Wholes: Cergy-Pontoise to Brasilia (Chandigarh)

Kerry Cupers, The Social Project: Housing Postwar France (2014) 183-222.

Candilis, Josic, Woods, "Recent Thoughts on Town Planning and Urban Design," in David Lewis, ed., The Pedestrian in the City(1965) 183-197.

*Iain Jackson, "Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew's Early Housing and Neighbourhood Planning in Sector-22, Chandigarh," Planning Perspectives 28:1 (2013) 1-26.


6) Feb 26Suburbs: Columbia, Reston, Woodlands, Irvine

Ann Forsyth, "Planning Lessons from Three U.S. New Towns of the 1960s and 1970s," Journal of the American Planning Association 68: 4 (Autumn, 2002) 387- 415.

7) March 5. Systems: Hook, Milton Keynes, Teheran, Abuja

Wouter Vanstiphout, "Ideology as an Achilles Heel: Visionary Urban Planning in Amsterdam and Teheran," in Provoost, ed., New Towns for the 21st Century, 46-57. Vanstiphout

Michelle Provoost, "Exporting New Towns: The Welfare City in Africa," in Swenarton, Avermaete and van den Heuvel, eds., Architecture and the Welfare State (2015) 277-295.

8) March 12. In class discussion and review

March 19. Spring Break

9) March 26.


10) April  2.


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