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Andrew S. Dolkart A6417 Spring 2020


This course has a very basic practical focus, gaining an understanding of the criteria for listing on the National Register of Historic Places and learning how to complete a National Register nomination. Completing NR nominations is a critical issue for almost everyone involved in preservation and many professionals in planning, real estate, and design as well. If you are designing a restoration that will take advantage of the historic preservation tax credits, completing an environmental review, advocating for the preservation of a building you will need to complete NR nominations. The ability to complete such nominations is also a marketable skill, useful when you are looking for a full-time job or looking for work as a consultant.

In this class, we will discuss the National Register criteria, learn about how NR forms are completed, and each student will choose one building and complete an application, including the building description, significance statement, mapping, and photography. These nominations will then be submitted to the New York State Historic Preservation Office for review. The buildings that you can choose from are structures recommended by the New York State Office of Historic Preservation and the New York Landmarks Conservancy’s Sacred Sites program. The owners have consented to their listing.

This course will be held in an informal manner. We will occasionally meet together as a class, but more often, I will meet with small groups of students or individually with a student to discuss your work and will carefully review drafts of reports so that by the end of the class, we can submit these reports to the State Office. These will then be reviewed by the State Office staff and, I hope, if they have questions or editorial changes, you will make them even after the class has ended.

Everyone is expected to complete a National Register nomination to a standard that will permit the nomination to be submitted to the State Office.

January 23. Introduction to the National Register; Choose buildings
January 30. Meet with Jennifer Betsworth and Linda Mackey of the State Office of Historic Preservation

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