Course Syllabus

Coding for Spatial Practices
Columbia University
Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

ARCH A4988, Spring 2022
Tuesday, 7PM – 9PM (EST)
115 Avery, 1172 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027

Instructor: Celeste Layne

Office Hours:
By appointment (15 minute increments). Sign up on Calendly.

Course Description

Coding for Spatial Practices introduces students to web design and development as a means of representation, speculation and communication. Students will learn the foundational, front-end languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create work for the web browser.

To guide our study, we will explore questions such as: What is the relationship between architecture and the World Wide Web? What parallels can be drawn between the development process and our own design processes?

The class will consist of exercises and long-form projects which allow students to develop concepts, ideas, and strategies for web-based projects. These projects will be supplemented/contextualized by lectures, readings, writing, and student-led group discussions, to reinforce core concepts.

Course Schedule (Subject to change)

Week Date Theme In Class
01 01/18 Hello World (remote)

Lecture 01: Hello World

02 01/25 Content & Hypertext Lecture 02: HTML Basics
03 02/01 Interface & Identity Lecture 03: CSS Basics
04 02/08 Form & Structure  Lecture 04: Layout Basics
05 02/15 Adaptability & Context Lecture 05: Responsive Web Design
06 02/22 Motion Lecture 06: Animations & Transitions
07 03/01 Interaction I Lecture 07: JavaScript Basics


Course Summary:

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