Course Syllabus


Course Instructors:

Trevor Watson

Paul Sanderson

Course Description:

Architectural invention gestures beyond catalogs of existing building products and demands details from custom fabrications. Such details are informed by their purpose and environment, often interacting with a greater assembly, but they are also shaped by their material and manufacturing constraints, such that the finished piece contains evidence of the processes by which it was made. In concert with skilled specialists, the design intent is distilled into prescriptive dimensions and a careful procedure for transforming raw materials into architectural elements.

This course will demonstrate the logic and precision required for thoughtful detailing through the act of designing, documenting, and effecting the manufacture of a custom architectural object. In close collaboration with local craftsmen, students will learn how to communicate with fabricators and explore the differences between design drawings and shop drawings. Individually they will create prototypes and use them to explore material constraints and fabrication methods, forging an understanding of how these processes inform a successful detail. The final object will be considered in the context of its surrounding architecture and the assembly with which it interfaces.

Course Schedule:

Week 1: Intro Lecture ‘Detailing in architecture’ + Class Prompt + Discussion

Week 2: Drawing Workshop 1 + Lecture - ‘Shop Drawings’

Week 3: Drawing Workshop 2 + Concepts/Context  + Lecture - ’Part/Whole’

Week 4 Interim Review DRAWINGS

Week 5: Prototype Workshop 1+ Strategy + Contacts + Lecture - ‘Material/Process’’

Week 6: Prototype Workshop 2 + Lead Times + Cost + Lecture - ’Process/Form’

Week 7: Prototype Workshop 3 +Fabricator Feedback + Lecture - ‘Scale/Cost’

Week 8 Interim Review PROTOTYPES

Week 9: Fabrication Workshop 1+ Context + Lecture - ‘Assembly/Interface’

Week 10: Fabrication Workshop 2 + Field Trip

Week 11:Fabrication Workshop 3 - Lecture - ’In Practice’


Course Summary:

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