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Butler_Patent_US2263214A_Page_1 - Copy.jpg One Barn, Five Obstructions

Drive through the country and you’ll see a building type again and again, and then again. The pre-engineered steel building is a barn, a shed, a carport, and increasingly a home. It’s a common denominator, an architectural esperanto that takes on make guises and hosts many programs. It ranges from the small (store your lawnmower) to the enormous (store your airplane), and is clad in an infinite range of materials to produce environments from greenhouse to bunker. We may bemoan how such building types eviscerate the need for our discipline (an industrial ‘architecture without architects’) or we could study and work with them to uncover new generative potentials.

This studio investigates the architectural potential of pre-engineered buildings as a new civic magnet in the seaside neighborhood of Edgemere, Queens. Students will work individually to explore how architects might respond to a host of needs brought to the fore in the last year—bending a disciplinary tool around our unique sociopolitical situation while working through detailing and assembly. We will practice a hybrid model of remote and in-person learning, with the possibility to engage a real site, community, and consultants. We will explore and mine the creative possibilities of these ubiquitous forms.   

Because ultimately these structures contain an undeniable appeal.

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