Course Syllabus

Time: Friday 12pm-1pm,  Location: IAB 1101

Dates Presenter Titles Discussant
Jan 19 Tim Foreman Environmental Destruction and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from Dust Storms Dario Romero
Jan 26 Hailey Nguyen Parental Education, Parental Investment and Children's Human Capital: Evidence from Vietnam Divya Singh
Feb 2nd Scott Weiner Does Temporary Displacement Increase Long-Run Mobility? Evidence from the Argentine Military Draft Yue Yu
Feb 9th Danyan Zha Gender norm and Marriage market: Evidence from Schooling expansion Lorenzo Lagos
Feb 16th Yue Yu Urban land supply and growth of cities: evidence from China Scott Weiner
Feb 23rd Dario Romero

Killing Social Leaders for Territorial Control: The Unintended Consequences of Peace

Qiuying Qu
March 2nd Divya Singh Merging to Dodge Taxes? Unexpected Consequences of VAT Adoption in India David Alfaro Serrano
March 9th

Tatiana Paredes (LSE) 

Javier Brugues Rodriguez (UCL)

"Labor market regulation and hospital quality. Evidence from a working hours reform in Ecuador"

"Public procurement, competition, and supply of pharmaceuticals in developing countries" 

March 16th Spring Break
March 23rd

Suanna Oh /

Anouch Missirian

 "When Work Defines Identity: Occupational Choice in the Indian Labor Market" / “Looking back on a decade of effort at deforestation reduction and improvement of rural livelihoods in Ecuador”
March 30th Qiuying Qu  "Zombie Firms and Loan Game of Banks, Government and Firms" Qing Zhang
April 6th Qing Zhang  "Spillovers and urban expansion" Hailey Nguyen
April 13th Lorenzo Lagos  ”Absorbing Violence Shocks with Liquidity: Evidence from MSEs in Mexico's Drug War” Sandra Aguilar Gomez
April 20th Sandra Aguilar Gomez "Norms Formation: California Gold Rush and Women's Roles”
 Danyan Zha
April 27th David Alfaro Serrano  The effect of innovation subsidies in Peru" Anouch Missirian 

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