Course Syllabus

A6850-1 Urban Design Studio II

The Climate Crisis: Designing A Just Transition in Small Cities

Spring 2021, Monday, Thursday: 1:30 PM – 6:30 PM, Wednesday: 5:00 - 7:00 PM (all EST)


Faculty: Kaja Kühl (Coordinator), Lee Altman, Anna Dietzsch, Shachi Pandey, Thaddeus Pawlowski

Associates: Zarith Pineda, Victoria Vuono

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The Spring 2021 Urban Design Studio operates at the regional scale and asks students to enter the discourse of urbanization beyond New York City and to engage unevenly dispersed socio-spatial ecosystems at multiple scales. This semester we will work in two regions, both examples of landscapes and cities shaped by late 19th century industrialization and subsequent patterns of urbanization. The Hudson Valley, a region defined by deep connections to New York City as a global trading hub, has been a source of food, materials, water and power infrastructure for the global metropolis at its south. It was the birthplace of the American environmental movement and continues to be rich in activism and innovation addressing the climate crisis. The Eastern Ohio River Valley was America’s first extraction landscape, where petroleum was first produced for fuel, where coal powered a century of industrial expansion, and where natural gas is still being hydraulically fractured.  

Specifically, this studio will explore the regions’ rural/urban socio-spatial ecosystems as the site for intervention to address the global climate crisis. As part of a nationwide initiative, the Green New Deal Superstudio, students will explore various layers of social and physical infrastructure and will work closely with local stakeholders, elected officials, organizations, non-profits, community groups, and planning and design professionals to envision just and equitable pathways towards decarbonizing the region and a just transition towards a regenerative economy.

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